almanzo gear list – what to bring

When I first started backpacking, I tried reading all the different blogs and websites, and what really helped was asking people online about their experiences. I would message people who had hiked before me and ask about their gear.

Reading distilled philosophies of people who had hiked from Canada to Mexico, built their own tents, or had been hiking for 20+ years, was a big game changer for me. As I applied those lightweight philosophies, my gear list changed and I started to understand I valued. Values are the core importance.

The problem is, I do not have an idea of what to bring on a gravel race. Or a bike race in general. When I run, I just bring, well, I might bring a layer. I might bring a buff or vv (very very) rarely gloves (if it is like below 25F). But adding a bike...I mean there's a bunch of other stuff.

Does this look right to you?
(P.S. I'll update the list as my strategy develops)

jacket or rain jacket
keep the layers synthetic or wool
for pants, ride the bike shorts and maybe tights
wear running shoes and wool socks

change tubes
2 tire levers
1 extra tube
2 patch kit - patch and glue
small pump - lezyne

snacks -
5 bars - mixture of cliff, dates; bar at 15, 25, 50, 75
2 gu - whatever flavor we have at home

water - reservoir and one water bottle, sip every fifteen minutes?

rear blinky light
front light - there is one on the helmet
backup front mini light - borrow from another bike?

cell phone - download map of the area on google maps
charger - cable and phone port

some sort of cue card holder? what do people use?
computer for mileage? is this necessary? useful? how much to spend? can i multi-use another device?

backpack - water, blue mini one, bring a hose
top of frame bag - all the tube change stuff, tie a dry bag in there?
handlebar bag - snacks? or maybe a small top of the tube bag
saddle bag? - i think it will get in the way of the dropper post
water bottle - two on frame?

5 zip ties?
allen key - seatpost, seat adjustment, thru axle

two weeks before the ride - is this timing right?
put new brake pads on
new chain - needs time to stretch
true the wheels
rag - leave the rag in the car

clear glasses
normal glasses
beanie? - depends on temperature
shorts - cycling shorts
softshell jacket or rain jacket

support - if you are lucky enough to have support, stop at the support stations =) say hi, even if it means losing the group. they came out there for you. you might find another group. you're ready to ride by yourself anyway.
put everything in a small duffle bag so they don't have to worry about it
pickle juice
payday or salted nut roll
chain lube
electrical tape

=questions stuff?=
chain breaker tool?
extra chain?

suspension stem
apidura small size frame bag
orbea negra check bag

=initial ideas=
bring gear to things that are
1) game ending
2) field repairable
3) have a reasonable chance of happening - i.e. bring a tire tube because you might get a flat, but not extra pedals because you can go on without them and they are sturdy
this race is unsupported so you should have everything that you need including food and bike supplies. unsupported. and water. unsupported.

=tire pressure=
"A key benefit of 650b has certainly been the ability to play with tire pressures not possible in the 700c world. While Panaracer recommends a max inflation of 50PSI, I never took it above 40. In most conditions I found that pressures between 25-28PSI were ideal. On only one occasion I experienced a puncture after coming in direct contact with a sharp concrete edge at speed, which was quickly remedied by the application of GUP."

"The outer diameter of an inflated 650x42mm is very very close to that of a 700x23mm, for reference. Just be aware of the effect a conversion will have on BB height."

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