road to almanzo bike race series

last night i spoke with my cousin on the phone and he put the fear of god in me. i thought i was doing okay with my training. he asked how many miles i was up to. i told him 165. he said, no, what is the longest ride you have done? i said, like 8 miles? silence. i said i was on track to have a few hundred miles done before the actual race. a heavy silence. "i kind of feel like i'm behind?" i said.
"yeah man!" he replied. opps.
the total number of miles is one thing, but he impressed on me the importance of time in the saddle.

just sitting in the saddle for 10 hours could be a limiting factor despite having the physical fitness. my current plan is to continue training without wearing cycling shorts, that way when i do, it will be a treat. i've worn this particular pair before on 50 mile rides with no problems, so i don't think that it will be an issue. i'll wear the cycling shorts on the longer rides and the 50 mile shakedown ride as well.

i have a few other atypical ideas for training, but i'll include them somewhere else.
anyway, this will serve as a journal of sorts on my training for the almanzo. which is in a month and a 6 it might be short series.

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