How to have a stable life? Be adaptable.

There is no stability except flexibility. Adaptability. Everything stable is unstable. Most things that are adaptable are more likely to endure.

Lots of products are sold implicitly promising stability. "the most durable gear" "one to last you a lifetime" "you can pass this on to your children" It seems like every backpack is touted as "bombproof".

Be real about what you really need in life. When was the last time you pushed your bag to the limit and it exploded on you? When was last time you bombed a bag ;P ? It is a blow to your ego to acknowledge when you are not the hardcore backpacking adventure traveler, and instead take the backpack you have always had...the trusty old school bag...and then save that money and use it to go on an actual adventure.

Be the thing instead of dressing about it.

Sure there are some things that are more stable in job compared to the other, for example. But be real and see if it is true. Working on a worthwhile, real, skill that you can position on the market yourself, well that might be more stable, than relying on an employer for a job. Or it may not be.

The one thing that is within your sphere of influence is to be adaptable. To be learning. To be engaging with the world. To interact with the market. To have a pulse and have the pulse. These are things that require a different mindset, but move towards being a real person and a free person.

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