different approaches to achieving a goal, like playing monopoly

various methods of problem solving
let's say you want to play a game, let's say monopoly

someone created the game of monopoly
some make 40 versions of the game and sell it to people
some buy a game called monopoly
some buy multiple versions of the game

someone wanted to play the game
some buy it
some invented it
some would see the game and make their own pieces out of paper and objects at home
some tweak the existing game to make it more exciting
some would find a friend who has it and ask them to play
some would assemble a group of compelling people, then invite someone who has it
some would have it suggested to them
some would steal it from a friend
some would steal it from the store
some would create a business selling them and keep a couple for themselves
some would assemble funds to start a business, keep a couple, and close the business

many ways to get to the same stated outcome, but with different externalities and conditions and consequences and benefits

this example also relates to the idea of using a goal to motivate the path, but the path is the reward

actually how to play:
get monopolies, obviously it is literally the name of the game
orange and yellow properties, but you can win with anything
negotiate deals like free rent
institute the rule of auctioning - it is in the official rules https://monopoly.fandom.com/wiki/Auction_(rule)
buy when you land on something - especially when no one owns it, you get two or three, you block someone

early in the game, pay to get out of jail
late in the game, hang out in jail


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