home gym gear equipment

The first thing is to figure out what success looks like for you. What are you looking for in a home gym?

For me,
*stuff I can use relatively easily
*I can sell relatively easily
*will actually allow me to work out

aerobic kind of power stuff - kettlebells seem to be the thing that everyone is going crazy over. you could also do bodyweight exercises and burpees to get started.

1 set dumbbells 25
1 set dumbbells 50
if i still could use more weight - 1 set dumbbells 80

1 set kettle bells 25
1 set kettle bells 50

pull-up bar
exercise bicycle - properly adjusted

the main thing, though, is the work, and actually doing the work.

warm up well
lift heavy
stretch a lot afterwards

Another thing that would work would be to have a squat rack and plates. That is kind of the gold standard for leg workout stuff. I do not think I could do heavy deadlifts without that gear. Theoretically, you could do those with heavy kettlebells, but you could also injure yourself with any of those things.

Anyone have a home gym and workout routine that they find effective?
My stuff is mixed in with running during the day and strenuous interval training twice a week.

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