How to get started in the productively in the morning?

Try reading in the morning
I have trouble getting to my first task in the morning. Here are things I consider wasted time: social media, reading outdoors articles, watching TV, even listening to the sacred podcast in the morning. It would be great if I my morning routine started me off and then just went straight into the things I tell myself I want to get done.

When I get to work, I'd like to start doing the things I said are important.

My working theory for the past few months has been to do whatever it is that my brain / body / system is asking for. What could those things be? If all the stuff gets done, well then, 'it' will be ready to work on other stuff.

Here are things I have done and a few notes:
Exercise in the morning - full workout is too much
Small exercise in the morning - 3 mile bike ride, short run, those help, you do need all the habits built in for them

Eating breakfast - Depends on physical activity, when I am not doing much activity, I find it best to not eat until lunch because if I eat in the morning, it is too much energy. When I increased training, I eventually started to get so sleepy. Not enough food...and once I started eating breakfast again, it helped me maintain the increased training (small bike ride in the morning, run at lunch, medium bike ride home, strenuous weights 1-2x per week)

Watching TV - Sometimes useful? Mostly just a time sink

Doing the dishes - Helps. What is nice is that feeling of 'getting something done' right off the bat in the morning. The downside is that it is better to do the dishes the night before.

Reading - can be good. Depends on what you read.

There are other things, but these can help.

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