what is life? life is good experiences, things, and keeping it out.

#what is life?
##life is made up of just a few concerns.

*good experiences.
*continuing the experience of these things going.

## out of all these things, well, we have a multitude of expressions (what i define as personal expansions on the essential)

## here are some meaningful expressions of those few principles

### good experiences.
*working from a place in your soul
*having good friends and relationships

### things
*having the basics for life - food, shelter, clothing
*tools for your trade
*tools for your recreation
*these things can be grown into an aesthetic amount, but that is mainly, well, an experience now.

### continuing the experience of these things going
*stable financial to procure things
*health to increase likelihood of life
*solid foundations

## Why do I define life like this?
I like this description because I have been looking for something that is prescriptive and descriptive. This should give you an idea of things to look for and also an idea of how to actually get those things. For example, something like "wealth." Lots of places describe wealth and that you need it, but what does wealth really mean? I mean having money...but if that's all it was then, there wouldn't have to be a discussion monetary wealth vs real wealth [link].

Here, I've split them up into relationships and a stable way to procure things. That's really what you're getting at. The same confusion that occurs with something like passion. I've also included the subtle, but important idea of stability. No one wants a job that makes $100,000 one year, but then fairly unemployable or you can't do it year after year. You can't live on $100,000 for the rest of your life.

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