What is the most basic good? Where do you start? Self-awareness.

I wrote that hope is important, but the most basic, viable thing, is self-awareness. With that, you can generate hope, vision, then energy, and the rest of it to follow. But without self-awareness, well you can be kind of stuck. You can burn resources, and win, and lose, but you don't know what is going on.

How do you generate self-awareness?
I think the best thing to do is to try to do stuff, evaluate. There is a mental aspect to it, so that needs to be tracked somehow. One example is by journaling, with the purpose of seeing what is going on in your mind over a period of time. Of course you could see it now, but over a period of time, you can get a better sense. The evaluation can also come from feedback from a trusted source like a spouse, close friend, family member, expert, therapist, or coach.
You need to ask yourself what is going on, but first, I guess you need to be aware that you can even ask yourself.

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