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I have written thousands of words and research on my own personal quest to find an ideal travel camera. There is not one. Depending on what you want, there are trade-offs.

Waterproof point and shoot. Great for adventure trips, specifically where underwater swimming will be involved. Think hiring a boat. Model: Olympus Tough, could also do a gopro.

DSLR. Great for quality. Would absolutely bring on a family trip because you get great photos of people you love. Bring in the 'third world' or crime areas if you have access to a car or place you can store it, otherwise, bring a cheap cross body bag or something you can put it in. Model: crop sensor DSLR, m43 olympus, or fuji x100s

Film is fun, but can be finnicky. I've brought it on backpacking trips, but next time, I'll opt for the DSLR. Great where you would want a DSLR, actually, vacationing trips. I might stick to projects. I just do not like getting them developed. After all, you have your phone for digital anyway, right? Model: you probably know, Nikon, Canon?

The number one tip I have is: take more photos of people, or with people. That's what people care about. Those are the ones you end up going back to. A human element is special in photography.

Plan more trips. Make deeper and more friends. Live out of of joy. Work on things of substance.

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