how not to suck at travel packing – simple pack list for warm weather

here is everything i know. so far. about traveling. we travel for fun, to mix up the inputs you are receiving in order to increase creativity. for intelligent people, novelty can be very engaging. without some sort of plan, however, sometimes you can end up doing the same things you would do in Anywhere, America. Need help on choosing a location to travel?

My traveling is focused on more active things like biking, running, swimming. And centered a lot on walking and eating. I do not do much shopping.


shirt - running 2
shirt - nice 2 (combination long or short sleeve)
pants - 1
shorts - 1 go with convertible swim trunks
socks - 2-3 more in winter, less in summer with slippers
underwear - 2-3 quick dry is nice

jacket - task jacket. options: thin softshell as a blanket on plane or in really air conditioned hotel or airbnb. in winter full insulation, but this is a summer list. rain jacket if wet.

flex layer - ex. sweatshirt, flannel, extra swim trunks. if there is some specific activity you may be doing a lot of...ex. maybe another pair of running shorts?

plane items -
buff - good as an eye cover, extra insulation, headband

accessories - chargers, etc.

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