define a good life

I read this thing that the pillars of success are intent, vision, action, and clarity.

Okay, well that is vague enough, but organized enough that it can help.

My intent is to live a good life. Using this framework, I realize that it is the vision and action portions that I am working on. I have to take action towards those steps everyday.

For a while, I was taking action, even though it was leading me away from a good life. Not just from a happy life, but leading me from a good life.

Then, I had to stop taking action and reassess. It is like going up a mountain, being halfway up, and realizing that this mountain path is not leading you to a good place.

So you go stop.

Then you figure, do I go all the way back down? I chose to stop for a while, search, go around, then find another path.

The closest vision I can come up with right now is that a good life is built on a few things. There are people in the past who have put these together too.
Here are some that are more well known:
to love and to work
happy, wealthy, wise
a life of meaning
follow God
love and work

Here are some that make more sense to me:
healthy, happy, wealthy, wise
health to me is physical, mental, social, and spiritual
wealth is not the same as income or having a lot of money, wealth having resources in abundance of your burn rate, then having a sustainable, robust system for generating resources
happiness does not come from material goods, but poverty can be unhappy
happiness is a choice*
personal responsibility, not as code for someone having to be able to come up with something, but rather for a personal mindset

*This paradoxical positioning is true.

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