joy : what is it coming from

just because you become at successful, that means you make money at something you got good at.

expression of a deeper driver that intrinsically lights you up, that is what you aspire to.

pursue accomplishment as a deeper driver.

what are you here to do? what is your sense or purpose? what is your passion?
mine is learning and problem solving as a backup.

what is driving that. it is the learning. that is a deeper imprint.
also the imprint of being a gentleman.

source code level answer to the thing that allows you to do something that fills you with a sense of purpose, which gives you a sense of meaning. now you can more readily access this state of flow.

hyper productive, efficient, cognition.

i also sometimes get that from writing because through writing you get learning and problem solving as well.

you can do almost any job in any industry in a specific way.
what areyou trying to prove? what are you trying to drop away? what are you trying to bring more of?

the majority of the people in their jobs are disengaged. find joy. do not change your career path, unless and until you absolutely have to. you do not hit that limit until you get to the point of your actual purpose.

you're doing it because it is the thing you can't not do.

there is also a way to express it as a obsessive or an expressive way.

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