sailing was fun

went sailing last night. super fun. for the first time, we went out just one person per boat, no instructor and no partner. the wind was great for the novice, ~8 mph.

at one point the wind picked up to about 12 mph and it was pandemonium. people had way too much speed and were headed on collision courses with each other, the sails were flipping wildly between port and starboard with the swinging booms taking people out, at one point three of the 8 boats were turtled in the water, while the rest of the boats were scattered all over the course.

when the wind died down, i told the instructor i was going in for a minute. i sailed my boat toward the dock and put it in irons. he came around and because there were three instructors he offered to take me out.

it was cool to whip the boat around when coming about and i figured that i could turn it harder than i had been turning it. after that, i got a few good turns in. it was a really interesting feeling to have the wind to my back, the sun to the side, and sailing forward with a clear view ahead, and an understanding of control of the boat.

it felt like a real thing.

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