cardigans as the next frontier

fashion - i want to dress up, but i don't really know how. as a child i used to be dressed by my mother mainly, who put me in ironed jeans, tucked in polo shirts with a belt, and i carried a handkerchief in third grade. what did i know? kids asked questions about it, but for some reason i didn't get beat up on.

later when i started working, i tried to establish a uniform. it pretty much was dark grey or blue trousers with a dress shirt. the dress shirts got so hot and uncomfortable, that i would take them off in the afternoon and just be in a white t shirt and trousers in my cubicle. i had a work coat in the hospital if i needed to look presentable at a moments notice.

during this time, my at home or personal style was primarily jeans, flip flops, and t shirts. sure, they were dark slim cut jeans, i lived in california, and the tshirts were plain and fit; but i learned that a dark bomber jacket really increased my style.

i say all this to outline where i am today. i go to work in jeans, a plain white t, and sneakers. at work i swap the sneakers for either a dark brown or black pair of dress shoes, that i keep in a drawer with shoe trees. i went from dress shirts, to light sweaters, but something is a little lacking.

jeans are immensely comfortable and functional for me. they travel well and in a dark wash let me sit at a bar or walk into a restaurant confidently. i would like to dress more nicely when i travel and in day to day life, but i do not want to give up comfort. i have two pairs of wool trousers which are very comfortable, but i don't have the rest of the outfit to make it work. so i have linen shirts and jeans for travel and i'm thinking an unstructured, unlined blazer would be great as well as a few cardigans.

the cardigan is the next frontier for me.

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