How to deal with deciding whether to go to the gym.

1. Here is the situation:

  1. Get home.
  2. Want to sleep? Hungry? Going to pay bills and get stuff done around the house?
  3. Check your schedule. Go to the gym anyway.
  4. Keep sticking to your schedule.

2. The point is: Decide afterwards if you should have gone to the gym, not before.

If you decide before, the opportunity will have been lost. If you go, and decide later that it was not a good idea to go, then you will know for the future.

I cannot think of a time when I did not want to go to the gym, I ended up going, and then thought it was the wrong decision.

Pretty clear, but for some reason, I end up forcing myself to make that same decision everyday.

3. Having a schedule, is actually freedom.

Having a schedule means that the decisions have been made a priori. All you have to do is follow the decisions. By setting up this system, you free yourself from having to wrestle with yourself every moment to figure out what you need to do.

Figuring out what you need to do, each and every moment, would be tiring.

Having a schedule is a professional move.

4. What do you be professional about?

  • Work - even if you do not like your job, it gives you things that you want. If you really did not want those things, then you would quit. So, be grateful for the opportunities that work provides you.
  • Mental health - certain things help, certain things do not, do more of the things that help
  • Sleep, exercise, eating - these three are a golden trifecta as far as the biologic system is concerned. If you can figure these out, you have a lot going for you.
  • Social - a recent addition, but important for me. Once a week (Sunday or Monday) My goal is to plan out 1) a social event for during the week (meet up with a friend) and 2) an event for the weekend (even something like going to a park).
  • Your project - if it is something like this blog, or something like a hobby, be appreciative of it. Have fun with it. Just by doing it, you are succeeding. That is the goal. It is serving its purpose.

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