Run a Yearlong Gear Wish List to Save Money

Save Money with a Gear wish List

I keep a list of things that I want to buy. I put all the cool items on there, and I put things I am thinking about all on there. When I find a bestnewgearlist thing Imusthave, I put it on the list too.

Then, every few months, I throw the list away. [[more]]
I delete it, or archive it.

As I think of stuff I want to buy again, I will add it back on to the new list.

This seemingly Sisyphean practice is, in practice, beneficial sieve. Eventually, things that come up again, and again, and again.

Those might be worth considering.

I am hesitant to purchase things because, well, I often like things and do not really need to have those things.

This list helps me be patient, and it helps save me money, and it also helps me consider what it is that I really want, and eliminate the things that are fleeting purchases.


Even certain things that seem like necessitiies, may just be fleeting desires.

  • Redwing boots - the marketing, the enthusiasm of the people who had purchased them, living in Minnesota, there is a necessity for winter footwear. My winter boots were too small as well, either my feet had gotten wider, or the boots had shrunk, or I just became more annoyed with the whole affair.

    But, it went on to the list. I even went to try pairs on --they were too narrow. And so, they sat on the list. One day, I realized, I had a pair of nicely fitting hiking boots in my closet. They were for hiking, but I had been treating them as for hiking only. They work great. They look okay.

    Eventually, I would like a pair of nicely fitting, black, boots, but until then, they stay on the list.

  • Fleece bibs - they are not super expensive, but I have seen uses for them biking in the winter, and also for hunting. Still, I have not purchased them.
  • Backpack - I have so many damn backpacks, that I really do not need any more. But they keep coming up on my lists.


Make a list. Delete it. Make it again.

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