holiday vacations

what i like the most from being on vacation

  • we were walking around in west hollywood, talking, hanging out
  • we were walking around and getting boba
  • we were walking around and hanging out on the beach and some were jumping in the water and swimming and we were singing along to songs

these were the favorite times i had

when we having fun, enjoying each others company, making jokes, laughing, hanging out in the sun

and if i could do everything, well then that would be it, every few weeks or something.

eat healthy, eat well, exercise, see the beach, go backpacking, jiu jitsu.

have enough money coming in, in a sustainable way, that i do not need to worry about that.

does not involve buying a lot of stuff. in fact, if you buy good stuff, then it precludes you or prevents you from buying stuff in the future.

it involves relationships, safety, self improvement.

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