packlist: new orleans. 3 nights, 4 days. temps 65/50. formal lunch. casual. walking.

packlist for a new orleans trip eating at commanders palace and one bag


when going to new orleans, bring two types of clothes

  • clothes that can get dirty, that means primarily jeans and t shirts and sweatshirts or light longsleeves for outerwear
  • dining clothes - you bring a dark jacket, light pants, and a dress shirt for formal dining, with a v neck undershirt, and leather shoes

general description

3 nights, 4 days. temps 65/50. mainly walking around


t shirts - 3 black or solid color -> one black as an undershirt, would be good to use a v neck, the other two colored would be nice
long sleeve - given the temperatures, an ocbd
dress shirt - 1 long sleeve, only for commanders palace or fancy dinner reservations...ocbd would be okay, but defintely a dress shirt is the way to go, ideally in something like just white or dark color for a conservative, i brought bright for fun
blazer - grey -> worked great
pants - dark blue -> worked great, get some from outlier or another brand, P had some and they looked great
jeans - dark blue -> wore these every, single, day. if the other pants were comfortable, i would have worn those
shoes - black slip on dress -> these worked great, even with some walking, need to get soles covered
shoes - nike black -> at first, was thinking they were bad, they were good, need to use thin socks though

underwear - 3 pairs -> fine, total of 3 with one being worn, use quick dry from that mens store
socks - 3 pairs dress -> skip bringing the workout socks, they dry slowly

shorts - 1 pair nogi style -> these were great and necessary for sleeping, the ones from middle school work great, they just do not look as nice

sweatshirt - patagonia, don't need puffy, true. it worked great. temp was 20s when we got back, and i mean, it was just going to the uber anyway. if i was by myself and waiting for the train, then it would be cold, but i had other stuff

base layer - top longsleeve if cold
base layer - bottom tights if cold or nogi

jacket - filson -> ended up not bringing a jacket, and instead wore the sports coat or the sweatshirt, given the temps, wore the sweatshirt everyday or the light ocbd

beanie - yes bring one
buff - grey or black or orange -> very important for the plane flight
gloves - grey thin

TURN OFF ALL DAILY ALARMS -> need to do this hard for companions to sleep

sunglasses - needed, very good to have
snacks -> brought a few bars, very good to have for plane ride

bags - 40L backpack and a 10L sling bag, worked great, this is my preferred setup. brought the sling bag as a day bag, and carried drinks in it.

dark jacket and tan pants might be a good look - try it out? in that case, would have to rethink the black shoes.

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