water bottle for the gym

water bottle for the gym

i am looking for a great water bottle, with a couple of key criteria.


use case

for travel, i like a few types of water bottles. it really depends on whether i will have a car. if i have a car, that is easier, and i'll just take whatever water bottle. if i don't have a car, i'll likely leave the water bottle at home, or i will want a small collapsible water bottle that i can take around with me during the day.

the car allows me to stash stuff during the day and not carry it around.
most of my trips, we are walking around all day.

if it is something like a conference or a training, i like a non collapsible water bottle.

the specific case i am thinking about now is something to bring to the gym.

i carry a lot of stuff day to day and usually have a 40 liter backpack.
that includes my lunch, my gym clothes, books, notebooks, and water bottle.

at the gym, water is easy to get to, so i just need something to take sips from.


that is where a smaller waterbottle of about 12oz. the size of a can of soda. the reason this size works is because it is easier to have in my backpack compared to a larger 16oz or 32oz water bottle. space is a premium and it provides enough volume that i can take a few sips.

if i was doing a more intensive activity, then, maybe a larger water bottle would be better.

at work, i have a half liter water bottle. i find that is a good size because the amount of time it takes me to drink, coincides with a good amount of time to take a break. i like to drink a lot of water, so, i do not want to be walking around a lot. honestly, it does not really matter, something around 16oz (1/2 liter) or a 32oz (1 liter) bottle works great.


i am partial to stainless steel. the three options are stainless steel (18/8 or otherwise), glass, plastic.

glass feels great to drink from and is probably the nicest and cleanest, but i do not like the weight and fragility trade-offs compared to the other materials.

plastic is fine. nothing that is both more durable and light. well maybe titanium, but that is expensive. i use these backpacking a lot. titanium is a favorite as well, but i have not spent the money on it. some people question plastic leeching chemicals into the water.

steel is great for day to day. durable, clean, relatively light. comes insulated or single wall. for backpacking, single wall with no paint is nice because you could use it to boil if you really wanted, but that like does not happen.


i like a solid cap. period. the sippy straws or pop tops or other things will leak eventually. or they will break. or, well, they get dirty if you're drinking things besides water and even if you are drinking just water.

the cap should also be thick enough that it is easy to open.

with the flip tops, i find myself taking the top off so i can drink water faster anyway.

the exception would be if you have to do it while moving...like you're biking...then the classic pop top rules. i normally use a water bladder and mouth straw.


i like wide mouth because i can clean it.
narrow mouth is definintely easier to drink out of while walking or moving.


the best looking wide mouth 'water bottles' seem to be food containers. example is rtic food container in 10oz.
if there was a single walled version, i might get it, but it is nice not having the water bottle sweat. also more functional if you water to keep beer cold or cocoa warm. however, both will lose temperature quickly in a large mouth.

for cold weather drinking, a narrow mouth is better. a sippy top like all coffee mugs for example.

maybe the turquoise one, maybe the stainless one

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