geenral workout draft

Goblet squats 4 sets x 8-12 reps

Lunges 3 x 10

Dumbbell Bench Press 4 x 6-10

One arm dumbbell rows 4 x 6-10

Overhead should press 3 x 10

Pull ups 3x failure


This is what I have been told, so I have not researched it:

The build-up to your preferenced body style is the hardest.

Keeping the same look requires less effort. But yes, if you don't put any effort in at all, you will lose all the progress (eventually)

Can 100% vouch. I slogged hard for five years, added 40 pounds with the lion's share being muscle, and these days am very much coasting. The good part is, I can lift a more casual three times a week and have more free time for life or other yin style body practices like yoga. The five years of really gunning it were like paying dues to now just play with the 'built body' with far less effort, hadn't really consciously realized that had happened until I read your post. Muscle becomes the set point instead of something pursued with tons of effort.

Not the person you replied to but here's my 2 full body splits.

Day 1 squat / bench as two main lifts. Secondary is to do 100 reps of pull workouts, and at least 50 reps of push and leg accessories each.

Day 2 is deadlift / OHP as two main lifts. Secondary same as above. If time permits I do more push and leg accessories.

I do core at home after I walk my dog in the evenings. I gym Mondays and Thursdays. Used to do 5 times but priorities changed and it's super hard and tiring to make it to the gym nowadays and it just stresses me out. I'm happier just maintaining what I got.

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