how do i fix rounded shoulders with weightlifting exercises

exercises for fixing rounded shoulders


wall angels


face pulls

face pull to scarecrow to overhead press

external shoulder rotations adn scaptions
t spine opener - lay on a long foam roller along your spine, 10 lbs in each hand or a bar, reach overhead into a Y position, breath in that position
kneel with elbows on a chair in prayer position, and let chest sink between your arms

massage between ribs from sternum out

get full scapula and thoracic spine ROM

consider 2:1 ration pulling and pushing for a while

foam rolling

serratus anterior press

reverse flys with supinated hand position

farmers walk or any loaded carry
upper back and lats are complex and resilient, can hit them every day
dumbbell rows
rear delt flies
face pulls
chest supported rows
pull ups
these hit traps, rear delts, upper back and will not fatigue lower back

barbell rows / pendlay rows can beat up lower back

face pulls every workout
upper back exercises - high rows, cable rows
stretch pecs (major and minor)
shoulder rotations

15-20 reps per set, activate those muscles, with good form, then increase weight later

front squats not back squats
presses and pushups not bench press
farmer walks, goblet walks, suitcase walks
lots of rows
build back volume

potential issues

stronger internal rotators (latissimus dorsi and pectoralis) relative to external rotators (infraspinatus and teres minor
stronger scapula protractors (pectoralis) relative to scapula retractors (rhomboids and middle fibers of trapezius)
underdeveloped rear delts
poor thoracic mobility

potential solutions

strengthen upper back, core, glutes, hamstrings
lots of facepulls and rows
sit up straight

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