workouts prison

quitting addictions, well call it a vice. addiction has a lot of baggage, it is a loaded term, but a vice is something that people can get on board with getting rid of. why? because it does not call them into question.

purpose over pleasure

fast digesting carbs and protein
reflection, quote book, motivational, something for a gem
vigorous exercise

positive mental
self talk is affirming
strong witness in your mind

count your macros

do your research, apply knowledge


i can take less and do more
do not make excuses


bar work everyday - pull ups, dips, push ups

superset chest back
superset shoulders arms, handstand pushups, shoulder routine, curls with bags, tricep extensions off the table

lunges with weights - person on the shoulders
solid principles, wanted to work for something everyday, you can pull off anything you want
anybody who shits on dreams is because they do not believe in themselves
it is truly a confession of character, the way we view the world, wish them growth and get the fuck away from them

look at everything as a win
the path is supplied through the obstacles
move on to a win of your choice

this is not an injury, this is a test
it was all about the mind anyway, it was all about the choice
level up

stay present during the pain


would make weights out of stacks of magazines
50 lbs of magazines

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