Six Things Eric Kim (Photographer, Philosopher) Can Teach You About Living Well

1. Hedonic adaptation

The human bias is that we get easily bored with our material possessions, and we always want to upgrade.

2. Living below your means

The secret that has worked for me is,

Live below your mans. Use shittier stuff than you can afford.

3. Lag on adopting new technologies.

4. Do not own more than one of any specific thing

5. Live ascetic

Adopting a life of “voluntary poverty”: You realize if you can live like a broke college student (or better yet, broke high school student) and if your earnings outstrip your meager expenses, you’re balling!

Easier to reduce your expenses than to increase your earnings. Best ways to save money include getting rid of Amazon prime (less tempted to buy superfluous things), to unsubscribe from services like Evernote/Spotify/Netflix (or any services which cost a monthly fee), getting rid of your car (no car payments, insurance, parking, gas, maintenance).

6. Live in play

I don\'t think you need to buy toys for children. Better to give them a few sticks, cardboard boxes, then to watch them CREATE their own toys!

Playing is good.

Can we as adults create our own toys? Not sure– but we can certainly play!

For myself, I play when I am writing or blogging, I play when I am making photos, making videos, writing poetry, making rhymes, making music, etc.

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