Coming Up With A Casual Uniform

blazers jackets and sport coats
what do you actually need and want?

the truth is i work in an office where people dress casually. not jeans and tshirts, but jeans and sweaters.

moreover, there are only a few men in the office. in a previous office that was more mixed, i wore slacks, a dress shirt, no tie. i could have worn a blazer, but opted for a more casual bomber jacket. it was california, after all.

nowadays, i find myself wanting to 'dress nice' and 'dress comfortable' and establish my own 'style' but still be 'casual'

the vague words are fraught with problems.

what i want: a casual uniform

  • i want to wear jeans. dark denim jeans. well-fitted. i turn to levis here. 513 or 511. there is variation within the size, so you still need to try them on.

  • dark t shirts crew neck

  • dark t shirts v neck

  • light wool sweaters various colors

  • patagonia sweater for more casual cover up

  • chunky wool fitted sweater

  • slacks -> buy comfortable slacks

travel and the summer

the thing i have not figured out until now is the blazer. the sports coat. parisians wear things and they look great. i need more experience seeing how people dress and what works and what does not work.

  • i want a light grey houndstooth blazer
  • i want a light grey seersucker blazer

Unfortunately, you can get both of these for <$100 at uniqlo, so while that is not that fun, I may make the trip there. Or, I could buy one at mossimo dutti or another store while on vacation for much more.


  • i want a cardigan or sweater blazer for work. the sweater blazer looks supremely weird to me. but it works for women for some reason in my office. it seems to be the shawl of choice.

  • i see one guy wearing a chunky wool cardigan everyday as well. i would say it looks okay, but it does look weird too. it is definitely a look. his is black, but i think light is a better way to go.

weddings and formal events

  • one dark grey suit that fits -> get a new suit because it does not fit, or get better blazers that fit
  • one black tuxedo

going out in a real city

  • a full length, 100% wool overcoat - looks weird potentially, but nice for everyday use if in a darker color, not brown and lined
    *a full length, gabardine, burberry trench coat
    The Westminster Heritage Trench Coat - olive drab

  • midlength warm jacket ex. filson double mac

  • raincoat - the trench coat above or a barbour jacket

  • a suede bomber jacket - olive drab, or russet brown, or dark blue, could try that instead of the weird cardigan things

    summary what is missing

    a light grey houndstooth blazer -> get yours tailored
    a linen blazer in light grey or seersucker blazer -> look for one in europe or at uniqlo
    comfortable slacks -> uniqlo
    a navy blue soft blazer? -> eleventy? that is money though
    a full length trench coat - get one
    a dark grey suit that fits
    a full length wool overcoat - do not need it

wear your uniform because it is fun
clothing yourself should be fun
an expression of yourself without talking

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