A Real Life

A real life is built by doing real things.

There are plenty of arguments out there for a life related to some primeval (fabricated) idea of what a human was like "on the plain." Hype marketing. Why not look more recently than a caveman life.

A real day schedule looks like this right now

in the morning - drink water, have a quick carb, go write as quickly as you can, listen to something inspiring where you get a good quote to get your brain going i like inspirational business talk, then set a timer and start writing
after a while you will have a larger meal
after a while you will also exercise
after that you eat
maybe then you read - maybe not
after that you nap
after that you do your other tasks - maybe you go to a cafe, maybe you run errands, maybe you take time on a beach, maybe you read a book
after that you spend time with your family and friends
go on a walk
in the evening listen to classical music
watch a tv show with loved ones or take in a show or go out

A real life would have these elements

learn something - stimulate your mind with new ideas
teach something - stimulate your mind, summarize

physical exercise
get sunlight

social interaction - a family, a friend group, a sense of belonging

personal reflection - call it meditation, writing, journaling, there are different ways here

Summary of a real life

  • mind
  • body
  • spirit

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