how to spend your money: gear and assets

gear vs stocks

there is a 30% off sale on a blazer that i have been interested in getting. it is actually a great price for what it is ... a travel blazer, supposedly it dries well, drapes well, and does not wrinkle. it is normally $300 and on sale it is about $200 and includes free two day shipping.

this purchase presents an interesting comparison, though. the general market is down and up and down and up, and some individual stocks are down 70%-80%.

it is a little difficult for me to justify spending $200 on a blazer that i do not have an immediate need for when there are purchases that could grow that $200 and provide a dividend.

the benefit of the blazer, is not nothing though, i think that is what most frugality or financial literacy blogs miss. a blazer can make you feel good, it can give you better service, it can have people treat you better, and because you do not have to deal with as much derision for looking poor or average, it can give you more energy.

the next time someone really well dressed and fit with a great personality comes by, notice.

if you want to put a money making point on it, it could open up new opportunities by meeting people and deals or jobs.

however, that is dependent on other things. it is really how you want to make your money. for me, i have skill to find clothing at a lower price that fits my desires. i have not developed as many skills to make money on demand. therefore, putting money into the stocks makes sense right now, plus it is just what i want to do.

on the other hand, i really want a blazer, so maybe i should figure out what that means.

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