If you have no gym, you can still exercise at home. Have fun.

Exercise with no equipment at home

Sometimes there are days when I wish I could save money and just work out at home.

On days that I do not go into the gym, it is nice to have a workout. Use them during a quick lunch break or even at home while watching TV. These are easy...err..straightforward options.

I enjoy the cameraderie at the gym (so I continue to go) but there is something really nice about having a plan for working out at home, ready, in your back pocket.

1) "30 min X workout"

Available in droves on Youtube for any sport or skill you want. Super cool when you think about it.

Some examples: boxing, calesthenics, yoga, jiu jitsu, HIIT

Ex. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJZJbmoQTSU

2) The 10x10. Boring and simple.

Here is the outline:

  • Number of reps: 10
  • Number of minutes: 10
  • Do 10 reps in 1 min. the rest of the minute is rest.
  • Do three different exercises and you have a 30 min workout.

Example compound body exercises: kettlebell swings, snatch, press, goblet squat, weighted lunges

Note : the squats could be done without weight

3) The WOD (workout of the day)

Go online and check out crossfit.com. They post a new workout each day.

If there is an exercise or jargon that you do not understand, everything can be looked up online.

These workouts offer variety as well.

4) 100 rep builder - Straightforward, Go Work.

Here is the outline:

  • Start with 40 sets of 5 reps, 1 minute each set.
  • As that becomes easier, add 1 rep to each set, and decrease the number of sets. The total number of reps should still remain about 200.
  • Eventually, you should be able to take a few days off and do 100 reps in 1 set.

    Example exercises:

    KB swing or snatch
    Our friend the burpee
    Kettlebell clean and press
    Weighted goblet squats
    Weighted burpee with a dumbbell in each hand

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