Stuff I Want Spring 2020 Weekly Dispatch – April 14, 2020

stuff i want

I make these lists to get an idea of gear. Instead of buying it, put it on a list.


  • a blazer or sports coat that is dark blue and i can wear at work - eleventy
  • a light summer blazer - seersucker or linen -> get on vacation to a warm place
  • get the grey blazer tailored - shorter sleeves


  • becoming a supple leopard - book that gives you form and teaches you how to move your body
  • simple and sinister - book on workout for kettle bells
  • investment books

listen to

read and dream

stuff i am wondering about

  • what is the best way to connect gymnastic rings to a doorframe pull-up bar?
  • what are my money priorities? what do i spend money on?


  • A wrist watch i can look at and is beautiful, a watch that is art

    • FP Journe
    • Grand Seiko SBGH267
    • Grand Seiko SBGA011


  • machine era designs brass pen for G2, "it is the pen of choice thinking of absolutes, of abundance, renaissance, beauty in refinement, and less a distractable toy for boys" -> after i have been doing this weekly dispatch for a year?
  • tactile turn - there is a clicky, titanium, short

stuff i want to do, long term goals

  • to enact and make money from strategies in investment
  • to understand and have made money from the stock market and investments
  • program computers to help me in my day to day tasks


  • I joined the stanford CS106A Code in Place course, it is the first time a large course is being taught with volunteer section leaders. 80k people applied. 8k were accepted. It is taught by 3 video lectures and 1 video real time section, 4 projects.

books related to frugality and systems thinking, primarily investing

  • Emergency (Neil Strauss): Having learned some serious survival techniques, like tracking and living off the land, it suddenly becomes much less important whether one’s clothing is color coordinated or whether to use antique astroparch paper or glossy lasercopies for one’s resume.

writing related to simplicity and frugality

Now, what’s important here is that once abundance has been achieved, edges transform from being relative to being absolute. Consider another “edge”, the edge of being remarkable. This is the celebrity edge of simply being known. Again, this edge is being used to stand out from the competition rather than as an absolute. The relative situation creates a continuous low stress environment compared to the absolute world. In an absolute world, striving to do things to be known becomes irrelevant; you will be sufficiently known regardless of what you do. (This is the situation that family members are in. You probably remember your family members from the 1980s but do you remember the popular stars of the 1980s).

Early retirement apparently works slowly to transform one’s mental frame towards a more absolute level, a world of abundance rather than a world of competition. Perhaps there are other ways but early retirement is one of them.

On an anecdotal note, I vastly prefer less stress to the low level stress that is present in most modern life. The stress I feel now is the “original” stress of a boat about to crash. Not the continuous stress of not being able to meet deadline after deadline.


he does not live in a world of outward luxury
but likely in a world of connectedness, he has a following

i'm a big deal in ...

if you give a system everything it wants, it will reward you with its prizes
but that does not mean you will be happy

be a watch person with real followers, and real commenters too
or go wholesale and be influential in the market

priorities for spending money

what do i spend money on

there are certain things you need

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