Weekly Dispatch 2020 – No Equipment Home Workout And Cool Reads April 22, 2020


I'm an office worker based in the United States. I mainly write about being an effective, informed, and cultured individual. It is good to be good.

1. Cool Reads

  • Fiction - Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. Get through the first 50 pages and you will learn about Koreas living in Japan in the style of a multi-generational tome like Gabriel Garcia Marquez 1000 Years of Solitude or East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Huge, huge, HUGE benefit for me is that they 1) do not dwell exclusively on sad stuff and 2) I learned a lot about Koreans living in Japan and bonus 3) Min Jin Lee deftly moves the plot along.
  • Non-Fiction - Principles by Ray Dalio - if only for the brief description of the economic machine. He is a data driven investor.

2. Clothing

  • Oliver merino wool shirts.

The best fitting merino wool shirts and they are 100% merino wool. I like 100% merino wool when traveling and doing active sports. It dries fast and has antimicrobial properties.

The only time I prefer cotton is when I am traveling in a super humid environment...there's a reason people in hot areas wear cotton!

Make sure to get a shirt that is comfortable against the skin, so you do not get that weird scratchy feeling.

3. Quick and Cool Writing

  • Bob Marley as an ascetic, athlete, football lover plus Csikszentmihalyi's autotelic ideals commonly rebranded as the concept of a 'flow' state.

Also the blog itself is a unique take on football (soccer) culture.

Bob loved to exercise, he loved to train with us. We were hard, running all over Cane River and Seven Mile Beach. If we run ten miles, Bob run ten miles...

Here is a link: http://inbedwithmaradona.com/journal/2018/3/12/searching-for-the-root-marley-music-and-football

4. Unique Product

  • Noise cancelling earbuds that have a 3.5mm plug are still, to me, the ultimate travel accessory for airplane travel.

One time I flew to Spain and my earbuds would not connect to my phone. I did not even bring a keyboard to write on. That's a long flight.

Bluetooth is great for working out, but 3.5mm always works.

Here is a good example: https://www.amazon.com/ENKLEN-Cancelling-Awareness-Headphones-Microphone/dp/B07Y8568HS

5. Simple, boring, effective workout

Today’s workout:
50 dips, 125 burpees, 150 reverse lunges, 375 pushups.

-25 1 pump (push up) burpees, 10 dips, 20 lunges
-25 2 pump burpees, 10 dips, 25 lunges
-25 3 pump burpees, 10 dips, 30 lunges
-25 4 pump burpees, 10 dips, 35 lunges
-25 5 pump burpees, 10 dips, 40 lunges

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