Two types of websites to own: product based and professional authority

A website where you sell a product.
A website where you can be paid for consulting and have professional authority.

Choosing a name

When you are choosing a name, think about it this way. Instead of going to a website like GoDaddy, just type the name directly into the browser. If it is taken, then you will see it is taken, if it is not, you will get an error right away.

Your name might be taken. If it is not, then buy it. As you come up with names, if they are not taken, that means you are getting closer to something unique. It could also mean you are getting further from things that make money.

Searchable and unique

You need to stay within the realm of searchability and be unique.

Within the realm of searchability means more than just a search engine algorithm. It means that people are looking for that or they want that information. It could be that you drive traffic to your website through other means.

Be unique means providing value much better than any other website. You can accomplish this through context or other methods. Ideas not available anywhere else on the web. Packaging in a way that provides value through the purchase. Building a community. Being entertaining, being fun. ~Unique, first, and different.~ First, unique, different.

Consulting website

Be the #1 in the world at what you do. Keep iterating until you are the one.

That opens up unique opportunities.

Communicate to people what it is that you do and what you can do for them. What you can accomplish.

That provides context too.

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