The three components of a great morning routine, productive use of video games, and a fashion brand | Member Weekly Newsletter – May 14, 2020 | Kuyavic Weekly Member Dispatch 003

Buying things is often marketed based on fear or emotion. Emotion is the one thing that is the 'common currency' between all forms of art. Writing, painting, photography, music, design, which you think of traditionally as art, but also things like making a good impression, reading a room, convincing someone of something (sales).

I have not fully fleshed out my thesis here, but you can understand the implications of finding a common currency: you can learn and adapt from various disciplines.

A similar jump took place for me when I thought about wealth as a bank account number. That is how people from different industries might compare success. But there are also things like access and possessions and happiness.

A way to organize your life is potentially to enable happiness.

1) Interesting item: Video games are cheap entertainment that you can make work for you.

Play video games with your best friends that moved away.

When you no longer live close to someone, how do you keep in touch? Most of what I have done is random text messages and sending funny memes. Phone calls work too, but with some relationships the fun is in the hanging out and activities. Video games are an activity that you can do remotely, together. Recently, I have explored video games and found they can be cheap and used productively.

2) To look: Thomas Browne as a New York style.

Thomas Browne reminds me of both sides of New York peole fashion: frazzled, stealth wealth and ostentatious formality.

In New York there is a look where you can somehow tell that one fraying-coated person is a wealthy eccentric, and another is not. Maybe it is the facial hair, maybe it is the color of their skin. It is also the city that does formality in an ostentatious way, think New York compared to New England.

3) Productivity hack: Morning routine - mind, body, spirit.

Hit all three in the morning: mind, body, and spirit. The best order is individual.

People can be productive in a day and not over a lifetime. Morning routines are a way to capture the day, structure the morning, to encourage sustainable and high-output results. Hundreds of hours studying morning routines and thousands experimenting with my own. Mind stuff is stuff like meditation, writing, and journaling. Body stuff is stuff like drinking water, lifting weights, taking a shower (very important after working out). Spirit stuff is stuff like things that excite you, connecting with yourself, meditation as well, but also things that move the spirit, like good music. Mix and match these until you get a blend and order that works for you. Remember to shower after working out, again, very important.

4) To think: Sometimes you need push, sometimes you need sit.

Be bold and courageous. Live your life so that your gravestone can read: No Regrets.

The issue that plagues soundbites also troubles quotes: by design, they do not provide context. They are short and pleasing, and a little nugget of wisdom. The nice thing is that sometimes they dislodge your action muscles and get you going in just the right direction.

5) To drink: High and low and this time we go low.

Miller high life and salt.

Sometimes you need something easy, laid-back, and salty. It is not the beach or the cabin in the woods, but it sure would be great to sit on a porch, after a productive day, and watch the sun set.

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