Anti-hustle sentiments

1) Settle - when a decision is between two great outcomes, when you do not know, when action is going to give you more information and the information that you need, when you are not breaking the law, when you want either and do not want to lose both, when you have one great one or a good one and you could get something great, not absolutely fucking fantastic...then settle.

3) Sleep while you are alive - when you need to, when you have been pumping yourself full of caffeine, when you have a meeting in the afternoon and nothing for lunch, when you will be more effective when rested, when it is affecting your health...then sleep.

3) Have a strong opinion - when the stakes are low, or when they are high, or when it actually matters to you and it is something you can change, well then, actually, just go change it. Opinions are weak, action matters.

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