Do things slowly, Michellin star in LA strip mall, Hayley Kiyoko choregraphy | Kuya Vic Weekly Member Newsletter 004 – May 26, 2020

The thing I have been thinking about the most lately is sustainable action. Something in me is searching for immortality. Things I can do forever. But that is wrong, it more accurately put, is things I can do for a lifetime.

But this chasing after a 'sure thing' is also a falsehood.

The real things are the things that you can do now.

There is a time and a place for everything. Some things are temporary and some are more lifetime pursuits and interests.

And to have something lifelong is one thing, to have it built is another, and to build it yourself is another thing still.

1) Productivity hack: Do things slowly.
There is a kid that is playing basketball in the park behind the house. He is out there for 5-7 hours a day, with headphones in, practicing shooting a basketball. I think he will do well, if he combines that with an interest in improvement. Any skill, technique, or brain power development will just accelerate what he has going.

I was able to accelerate because I could put small amounts of time and get large results, but it does not always result in something that will last long term.

2) To watch: Michellin star restaurant in an LA strip mall
Super interesting because, well, the location, the dedication to the craft, and the use of the best ingredients. There is some element of seeing highly regarded things in 'unexpected' places that resonates with the mainstream because they think...see...I could do it too. It could be done. The mainstream likes hope.

3) To think: Hope is not a strategy.
One thing I find upsetting in the majority of the personal finance blogs is that people present the idea that they can get rich and achieve financial independence wiht a focus on saving money. Frugality. But that is not the whole picture. You basically need to have figured out some sort of high level investment tool of which there are only really two 1) real estate and 2) stocks and bonds. There are business deals, but that is more active. There are creating variegated income streams (investments, business, business deals, buy and sell). So growing income is a big part of the game as well.

4) To listen: Curious by Hayley Kiyoko
Fun song, good dancing in this video. The energy in the video is good, the moves are interesting, the whole vibe is fun, the little kids dressed up weirds me out. Mainly because the clothing seems the most inauthentic. I mean, even some of the adults, but whatever, I am just being a hater. If they are dancing and having fun, good for them.

5) To read: Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak
I do not know much about it, except that it is supposed to have gotten the Nobel Prize. I'll see if it is good or not.

Have fun!

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