How to have a good life through identifying flow state

Happiness is made up of a number of things. When it comes to work:

1) It is flow state, which boil down to adequate challenge for 3-4 of 7 of your preferred skills.

2) Being around people you like

3) Having control of your time

The whole point of everything is that you can live a good life.

How you spend your day is how you spend your life.

You string together days spent being happy and you end up with a happy life.

Now, as we get closer to defining and making a description, that is where it gets harder. That is where language and context becomes important.

Happy to me is a well...being in a flow state. Being present in the moment. There are times divided for work and play. And the idea that you combine the two of those things. and work and play are like....well play people imagine as something you do by yourself I mean something you do naturally. Whatever it is that you enjoy refining. And then work is stuff you get paid money to do. So if you can combine those two, now you really could have something going.

And a few things, it can be multiple things that you put together or that you like refining and one or two of them end up paying or being funded by the market.

But the way that you figure out how to put things on pay is to apply something called well to make it a business. You put business ideas on top of it.

The activities you do are varied, but there should be a few that you get into a flow state with.

For me, those are boxing, I will get there with jiu jitsu, they are writing, playing the piano, hanging out and laughing with friends, reading books.

And if I can get a sustainable way to do those things, sustainable reads make money and a lot of it, then that could set the foundation for a fantastic life.

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