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Aesthetics and when faced with a choice: choose both

Aesthetics are important. I am almost completely focused on frugality and function, but I am learning that aesthetics are important.

Of course, I start to think about clothes on the one hand clothes are to keep you warm.

But really, they serve aesthetic functions as well. Even if you 'reject' the signaling of expensive brands, that is fine, but you still communicate a style.

You can even thing of style as a 'function' of clothing. Style is the first thing you say before you even open your mouth.

Of course one part of my brain goes towards the negative: there are other things that matter, personality matters, money and wealth matter, being nice matters, have a physically fit body matters. But why not have both? Choose both. Have it all.

Dress great and still be all those things.

Why not?

1) Interesting item: The Blazer or Sportscoat

Blazers do have a magical quality about them. When you get one that works, it feels nice. Instead of feeling constricting, it feels comfortable. You can go anywhere. You can do anything (legal). It feels like travel and relaxation and being professional all at once.

Characteristics to look for:

  • The tech fabrics have not been impressive. They are mostly itchy, scratchy, or do not breathe.
  • Look into natural fabrics (cotton, linen, wool).
  • Look into unstructured for easy breathing.
  • Look for fit above all.
  • Casual features like pockets are interesting.
  • Light grey, navy blue, olive green, pink

2) To listen: Interior crocodile alligator

This song is 10 years old, came back as a meme once, and is having its second comeback. Put it on repeat while working. Listen to it first thing in the morning and your day will be filled with energy and swagger.

Versions of the song:

3) Productivity hack: HTML your Gmail

Remember when gmail was a cool new service? It was do no evil, a cool counter that increased your storage space, and was fast and sleek. Well it looks positively 2001, but switch to HTML view and the loading times are crazy fast and it is snappy as all getout. Can't bring back the no-evil vibe though. Note: you cannot use the shortcuts in this mode.

The fastest way to use gmail

4) To watch: Business How to Pick a Name for Your Business by Gary Vaynerchuk

A name is made. People will learn your name, they will convert your name into something convenient if you deliver value.

Here is a link:

5) To think: Happiness is the ROI

This quote is the basis for an expanding theme I have on making choices. What do you prioritize?

The most visible games:

  • Things and money
  • Things
  • Status
  • Power
  • Prestige
  • Experiences
  • Money
  • The one I often ignore is happiness

Of course there is not one thing that you can put on a pedestal. And the pursuit of other things has gotten me somewhere, so I think you have to make it. It is like moving out of your some point you should do it, like really do it, like do it earnestly not just so you can cross it off your list, but say you're going to put 4 years on it and see what there is to see.

Lately, I have been exploring happiness as the ROI and I hope you do too.

Have fun!

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