What Gary Vaynerchuck has taught me about passion based life and business

Tell your truth.

Tell your honest actual truth.

What are you doing right now? I am figuring out life.

I have been working on it since I was a teenager (19) in college after my freshman year.

What can I do for people? I have no real idea. I am a writer. I know that. I can channel that into data analysis and am learning programming. Those are 'useful' but being a writer must be useful too.

I mean, we have had writers for hundreds of years.

What is the point of telling a story? I am not sure.

Writing helps me learn about myself; reading teaches me that other people have done/felt/thrived through the same.

I know that they have helped me, I know that hearing people go through the same things I have gone through has helped me. I know that through reading, I learn, I empathize, I sometimes get healing.

I know that through reading, I get motivated.

Video games, martial arts, sports teams, we do these things because of the love of the game, but to really win, we do these things also because of the community, because of the relationships, because by learning how our pitcher did in the last baseball game, it gives us something to talk about and a way to connect with other people.

Things are just things, a way we create an excuse to talk about stuff -> the real currency is connection.

The real currency is connection. The real thing that is happening is connection. The honest truth, the pulp, the marrow, the nugget of wisdom, the value is connection.

People go to see GaryVee to get motivated and learn about how to start their own business, but they stay because of the high context connection.

I am most impacted about the stories that come through that are more relevant to me. His experience to me. He talks about what his truth is and how he lived his life.

And it makes me feel like I can do it too. Like I can start my own business, like I can live my life with passion, like I can do that and be successful in the traditional sense.

There is some bullshit out there that you need to choose: passion or traditionally successful and the other people are just, well, they are once in a lifetime, out of your control, completely random occurences. Or they are because they had money.

You can pursue passion and be traditionally successful. The internet has opened it up.

You have to work for it though. And you have to use your skills on it. You have to work and work effectively and be smart about it and be able to continue doing it.

Work on it, or watch other people. Give yourself the chance to make youtube videos in front of your own two eyes.

I have been watching Gary for the past 11 years...since he was a scary gremlin looking guy talking about how the internet has taken over radio, newspaper, and is getting into television and it is just getting started.

He makes things that seem like unreal predictions, but I think it comes from knowing his area.

He is working and I am working.

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