Stuff to Buy: Travel

Listening to movies on the airplane - Either small wired earbuds with noise-cancelling or a 3.5mm audio jack to bluetooth. I have seen a cool device that does bluetooth. I am opting for the wired earbuds because of sheer dependability. Fear and love motivated. I flew from the US to Europe without any working earbuds, computer, keyboard, notebook, pen, book or other form of entertainment, once. It has not happened again. I love the simplicity of plugging in a jack and just listening. I think that bluetooth looks cool, seems cool when you think about it, but in actual use, the clicking it on, pairing, not pairing with devices you have, etc. it is cumbersome. Then there is charging. They do project and image of freedom, which is compelling.

Bluetooth is nice in the gym, when you are moving around, potentially in a home office situation where you are walking around.
At home office, at the desk, I like wired. I like a wired mouse, I like a wired keyboard. Lowest latency, no pairing, no charging.
For travel, wired is the way to go.
Shure SE215
Etymotics mk5


I have figured out so many other problems, that there is not much I would do.

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