Living a Happy Life Series: Happy Life

High achievers chase status. That is how they get identified as high achievers. Status in terms of leadership is one thing, but if it is not your natural capacity, then you are just filling something in.

Money - Freedom. Establish assets that produce money. In a way that fits you to maintain. In excess of expenditures. In stability. Add your flavor of frugality/simplicity/ascetism where you focus on a few good things and avoid waste.

Time - Freedom. Get a job that allows you to have time. That might be something you are overqualified to do. Do a job to get a skill, build a resume, earn money, and that is it. Getting your money and managing it allows you time freedom. So does not needing much money to survive. So does getting a cush job where you can set meetings and times and leave the office when you need to. Or work on things when you need to. Figure it out. Do it.

An eye towards improvement - By spending time and effort on something, you will want to improve. Learning is a key ability of the human species. People are lifelong learners naturally. By engaging your natural curiosity in these aspects, you engage it. People don't realize it, but there are people who can recite sports statistics or trends all day, and that is a type of knowledge and learning. Naturally, you will engage the learning muscle and there is a whole post on learning and how to improve, if you want to make it more conscious. I would say, though, be conscious of fully using this muscle because, like a muscle, it needs rest and has capacity. This bullet is more here because high-achievers will think, well if I just spend time on something and do it, how will I get better? That is because we are always looking for an edge, an improvement in efficiency, or a shortcut. Double-edged sword. Because you get so good at finding those efficiences, you do not have a tool to use when things take time and effort. The edge here is the ability to consistently put time and effort on something.

Work - Do work that matters. Do work that fits you. Work that fits you is work that engages 3-4 of your key strengths and challenges you at an adequate level for your skills. People that you like to be around.


Pick a hobby or two or three. Do them. Pick a hobby that keeps you healthy, that helps you learn, and that earns you money.

Socialize - Socializing is spending time with people, but more than sitting at home watching television or Netflix, it is shared experience. Going on a picnic, going to a concert, going on a hike...go somewhere. Socializing is sending messages, sending letters, arranging times to call people, having people over for food.

Travel - Go to places with friends and family. Meet people. You are curious.

Mind - You come from a family of lifelong learners. Pick up an online course.
Body - Workout for 25 minutes a day. Get a sweat. Lift weights.
Spirit - Write. Listen to music. Play music. Go into nature.

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