Stuff to Buy: EDC Edition

Small flashlight - bright - zebralight maybe? fenix fd014 from REI when there is a 20% off coupon?
get the surefire titan plus - wait for a sale
use the little flashlights that you have
-> I got a small keychain flashlight rechargable, get a small AAA flashlight to double as a headlamp (thrunite ti3). a AA headlmap from thrunite might be nice as well

Small fixed blade knife - would be nice to have, but don't know about use -> I got a esee izula fixed. great to have at home. it is what i will bring backpacking as a backup to the small leatherman micra (scissors version) for canoe camping as well, or a small folder. i would get another one... that would be awesome

Lockpick set

Notebooks for planning or don't get fancy, and just use normal notebooks. -> the 9.5 inch x 5.5 inch mead notebooks are great, 150 pages, wire.

Sunglasses - buy somewhere warm while on vacation, polarized for sure, the ray ban polarized, ideally in brown
Pen - no need, use the normal ones -> you know the ones you like

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