Blazers and Books – What to Buy and What I Want | 001


Buy clothes that are functional and quality and fit the price for their bracket. There are a few varieties of clothes: staples, variety and statement pieces, highly functional clothes for specific uses, highly functional clothes for statement pieces. Coherence is important.

1. Summer blazer - Light. Wear it on vacation in Europe.

Factors to look for:

  • Fit is number one and you are the same size as the model at those stores.
    • Material, light, breathable, seersucker or linen.
    • Color, navy blue, olive green as a secondary, pink if you get into as a hobby (model 7)
  • Where to get it:
    • Buy it on vacation in Europe
    • On eBay as a sale
    • Full price at a boutique to get cachet and into the system there
    • On sale at a major retailer like Brooks Brothers
  • Plan:
    • Try the blazers at Uniqlo and H&M because you have one and it has worked well and the price is much less. If the construction and fit are good, well, then just get it tailored.
    • Alternatively, get a really nice one on vacation because then it is a fun momento.
    • Alternativley, get one on eBay that you know fits, but the fit is difficult to gauge as well
  • Currently:
    • You have a dark grey one that you bought larger so you can layer over a sweater in winter
    • You have a light grey that still works, but is too hot in the summer
    • You have tried the travel, high-tech material and it is not nice
    • You have tried buying online and the number of buttons was misrepresented and the fit was off
    • You did find the exact one online, but hesitated spending money, and that was fine.

2. Topcoat for the winter

Factors to look for:

  • Style:
    • Basic dark, full length coat that you can pull over anything. Fit is important. Say a lot without saying anything. Do not look like a weird person wearing sneakers and a coat. Get dark boots as well. Like A's long peacoat. Who cares vs come up.

### 3. Get the grey blazer tailored - shorter sleeves

### 4. Blue sports coat


Buy books that you use as reference materials in the house. Or that you will give away as a book club kind of thing. Books take up space, so ideally get them from the library, borrow, or buy cheaply. A good book idea, though, can be worth much, much more than the cost of a book. Investing in yourself is good as well.

  • Becoming a Supple Leopard - Fanastic reference book on mobility and lifting
  • that arnold schwarznegger book on lifting
  • classics - I have been reading classic books, would be fun to be in a book club where we can socialize around these books. philosophy texts as well. 90s/2000s notable +/ weird movies AndOr: notable, weird movies
    -> I guess one thing I have been doing is coming up with projects or activities around these things.

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