Community Series: Ways to Get a Couch

A big shift for me.

It is not doing everything by myself.

Prior to this realization, I have been improving my personal ability to get things done, either more effectively, or more cheaply, by increasing my skills and knowledge.

But now I am seeing the next stage is not just further increasing my skills and knowledge (though those are useful), but a new paradigm.

It is being part of a community, and thereby gaining the ability to do many things at once. Or also one thing in many different ways.

An example:
You need a couch.

1 - You buy the couch from a store with money from a job.

2 - You get a couch for cheaper on sale.

3 - You get a couch used from craigslist or facebook marketplace.

5 - You buy a couch that is damaged, but you have the skills to fix it.

6 - I would think you would then proceed to, you buy raw materials and make a couch. I mean how much cheaper could you get something?

7 - But I am thinking it is closer to here: you have a relative with a spare room and they have an extra couch. Your neighbor has a couch they want to get rid of. Your neighbor has a couch they want to sell to you for cheap. Or for a future favor. Or to repay a favor.

These parts of it are interesting.

I did not consider it because, well, I had a network, so it was easy before, but I realize now, that I do not have a network anymore, and it is part of what I have been missing.

Huge realization: Network improves lifestyle, social life, and many other key parts of your life as well. It could be a huge positive in many ways.

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