Decide on a theme for a blog – Weekly Dispatch July 14, 2020 | 008

The process that I had that I thought was streamlined and efficient, became toxic and overwhelming.

It produced interesting things, but it was not fun for me to produce.

Maybe that is okay, maybe that is better.

But part of what I am trying doing here is coming up with a multifactorial solution.
Something that fits:
1) Something I enjoy doing
2) Something that makes money
3) Something that provides value
4) Something I am proud to show off and be known for

Turns out that the confluence of those things can be tricky to identify.

I am happy being myself and on most days I do that.

But being myself does not necessarily provide value or money.

One strategy that I have had for a while is to write everything on one blog and forget about the name. It does not have to be a branded name right off the bat. Nametech or Namemoney those work, but they also are generic, and more importantly, I do not know what I want to write about or what I want to do.

Once I figure that out, I suppose I can figure out what it is that I want to do.

Related to a major quest:

I think these are quests that people go on.
So anything related to one of these quests ill be valuable.

When I was in creative writing classes, there was a concept about what a story is about and what the story is about. I do not remember what it was called and if anyone does, that would be helpful to know. But like it separated the plot from the emotional driving force, maybe is a cleaner way to put it. Or rather, well, here is an example:
Jaws - people say that is a movie about a killer shark, but watch that, it is a movie about a dad and his kid.

It is similar to a concept I have come across in marketing, there is the content and the context. I have been searching for a laptop, and I realized that 'best' depends on context. I'll bite on best laptop for a writer, best laptop for a gamer, best laptop for a content creator... I mean, if I identified with one of these labels, then that would be the laptop I would get.

Best laptop for a frugal blogger.

Wine advice from a division one athlete, I mean someone who is really into wine, like she has the content knowledge of wine, enthusiasm, and is a division one athlete... that would be interesting.

In improv class, an instructor talked about peanut butter and jelly. Same concept, two things that 'work' when you put them together and they make something delicious. Like an accountant for a medieval dragon fighting knight. The accountant is in this world and still is an accountant.

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