I realized that I mainly want to write: multiple blogs vs one, CEOs compared to Inventors / Artists

That is the purpose of the blog. A dairy of sorts. A dairy with an idea of writing that could help people.

But primarily, that person to help is myself.

And it is not even in the articles existing, but in the creation of the articles.

This, I think, is the thing that business people and the general public misunderstand about motivations of creators.

People create in order to create. Artists create art to create art.

The business portion of it is beneficial, for sure, but without it, the art would still be created.

Wozniac would still be making great computers and whoever made DOS would still have made DOS.

Business people talk about big companies and innovation coming about because of big monetary opportunities.

But those big monetary opportunities come from technology and advancements created by people because they wanted to create them.

Sure, there is a benefit to business being 'scale.'

But, what I am attacking here is the idea that innovation happens even without big companies and investors and CEOs.

Look up Tesla vs that guy who people credit with the lightbulb.

People fundamentally misunderstand.

The argument I hear is that you need big salaries and huge wealth opportunities in order to entice people to create things.

I think, well, at the core, the biggest creations are made by people would would create them regardless. They were made without the enticement of riches, but rather the self-satisfaction, curiosity, and tinkering. Their ability to pay their way.

Then, CEOs will see the opportunity to market and make big markets.

I mean that actually, the market is created by the CEO and company. It does not exist prior.

The branding and marketing creates the market.

What I am struggling with right now is whether to write on multiple blogs on specific topics designed to blow up as a business, or to write everything on this one blog without any direct regard for money, but to satisfy myself and provide insight and information to people.

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