Multiple websites or one website for beginning blogging

It seems like people optimize their individual channels for specific content, then really go for it.

But what is the content I want to write?

One approach would be to make a bunch of websites, and then write on them on different, specific topics, and then see what gains views and what I enjoy.

Another approach is to write on one blog, a lot, on all the topics that interest me and then see what gains there.

The benefits of the first strategy might be that I could get more targeted and separate. But then maintenance of separate sites introduces logistical and monetary costs. Additionally, I was running into the idea of, well, do I publish this article on both sites, on one site, or what? I also felt weird about 'waste'. But 'waste' in general, is not bad.

The benefits of the second strategy is increased ease of writing. I just go always into the same site and write and publish.

For me, the second strategy is better. Why? The big question I am asking, if I were to choose one, is what do I want to write about. How do I produce writing. Regularly.

Pick one question.

Answer it.

If I am doing multiple factors, A/B testing, well, then I could eventually get to it.

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