Purpose of Life

In a packed stadium, all of our various reasons for living battle it out to be the # 1 purpose of life.

Brawny, tall, slim, creative, cunning, dastardly, scum.

Two usually win out:
1) Loving people
2) Being happy

Of the two, I think the number one thing is being happy.

Everything we do is in the pursuit of being happy.

Is happiness a thing to hold, like a puppy?

Puppies make you feel happy, but they are not it.

Happiness, you could say, is a state that is ever renewed or maintained, but it is also a state that is your natural state. Always present. Ready to burst forth.

How do you become happy?

You address your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. As your natural underlying state is happiness, it shines through.

You are always working to be brighter.

What else is there?

Loving people is a close number two.
Your purpose in the world follows as number three.

For me, that is creating art. For others it might be nurturing and caring more.

Art is helping people through uplifting them or providing information that is super useful to them

What are your physical, mental, and spiritual needs?

There are a few, and there are many, there are probably dozens of books that address portions of these, but none that I have come across that do so comprehensively and also in an entertaining way.

But the information is out there for sure.

One clue: identify your drug, then dismantle all the holds it has with you through other means.

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