Replace marijuana and alcohol for addicts

I am no expert, let us get that out of the way at the beginning. These are things I have seen and heard from people who have addiction issues.

1. Go out and get sunlight

  • That is vitamin D. It is better to get actual sunlight because of the compound benefits of sunlight compared to something like a vitamin D pill. You can figure it out. A brightly lit gym is another way.

2. Exercise - Hard exercise.

  • Endorphins and runners high are real. I ran for decades. I like something different. But boy did it improve mood. You do not have to actually do a lot to be hard.

3. Sleep

  • Sleep makes your brain feel better, it clears your thoughts, it gives you a fighting chance of functioning clearly. Caffeine is not sleep.

4. Drinking may be social: have a go-to 'other' drink.

  • The main point here is that addictions fill (or attempt to fill) multiple needs. That recognition allows you to begin to actually see how these are functioning in your life, and create a functional array of solutions.
  • If you go to a bar or a social gathering, have a go-to 'other' drink like a soda with lime, kombucha, or something. That way you do not have to make additional choices. Additional choices wear you down. That can make sticking to something more difficult. Having a pre-set choice can make stuff easier.
  • For additional redundancy, have a few choices.
  • Pick from commonly stocked bar stand bys like tonic water and a lime, or coca cola.

5. Drinking may be mental: turn off your brain by art, meditation, even video games.

  • I know video games may be a weird suggestion, but turning off your brain with video games in small doses can be nice. You put some restrictions on it. Meditation is great too. I like art because art is productive.
  • Art comes in many forms: making media, carpentry, playing an instrument, dance.


There are many purposes that addictions help to fill and so you build out a real life by addressing those real needs in healthy ways. Some may not think of a marijuana addiction as social or mental, so they hit a road block by only addressing physical needs. The listed ways above can give you an idea of the breadth of things you can use to address different needs. Addresing all the needs builds you a real life and a good life.

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