script for selling

hi i'm victor from [college].
the reason i'm calling is - be really clear
mr carodne. i saw that you just closed on a deal, by the way congratulations
i'm going to be in miami
can i come by and get 30 seconds an interview
know your time is valuable
30-40 seconds
3 minutes max

you need a hook

you're just trying to get in front of them,
you're not going to sell anything on the phone right now
first name only
organization is bigger

the format is a winner, but to be a really effective meeting requires, not just saying these magic words, but massive, MASSIVE preparation and ablity to execute on the things you get from the meeting.

Get advice and DO IT.
If you do not think it will work, DO IT, and if it does not work, then you can ask them about THAT. But you showed that you DID something. That is actually valuing the opinion and time.

You need to help them, and prepare for the meeting, and make ti flawless and valuable for them too.

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