Writing Assignment, Figure out Your Process and Topics

Assignment - For the next six months, that is until december 21, 2020 write only on kuyavic.com


The guideline for the articles you write are articles that help people, which means, more concretely, writing about solving your problems, writing that communicates solutions to your problems, writing that identifies your problems
that is too much focus on the negative
how about this?
writing that makes you happy.

writing that you enjoy.

writing that is fun.

That is the sort of writing which you wish to do anyway.

Anything that fits that criteria, writing that is fun. For yourself.

This way, you are focusing on the writing, the content, and the quality, and the regular production. You do not have to worry about the marketing, or the branding strategy, or the product yet.

But, keep in mind, that the brand is the most important thing.

Yes, even more than the content, to the consumer and monetizing, brand is the most important thing.

Content supports the brand, not the other way around.

At the end of the day, the brand is the most important thing.

You build brand through, trust, through fantastic content, through ubuquity, through obscurity, through messaging, consistent messaging.

So to find that messaging, those projects, those topics, you publish consistently.

You dig to find gold.

Then you can figure out how to make money with the gold.

Maybe you sell head lights and pick axes.

Maybe you mine.

This process is you helping yourself.

The idea is that it is fun watching people play as well, so this could work out to be something beneficial for other people either as helping them have a happier life or entertainment for them or art for healing.

Six months of writing articles, of making writing, that makes you happy.

Do it for yourself.

Treat yourself well first.

Then, you will have a better idea of your writing, what you want to write about, what you are good at writing about, and then can figure out the best way to grow that writing and potentially monetize. That could mean a lot of things.

Additionally, write everyday. Publish writing everyday.

Every, single, day.

You can do it. It is going to be fun, and it is going to be work, and it is actually getting you closer to your ideal life.

Well your ideal life is already doing it.

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