filipino people have wide feet

it is a problem

here are solutions:
get luna running sandals, they look ridiculous, but not as bad as vibrams
get run topo shoes
get vibram running shoes - they are comfortable

start doing jiu jitsu - boxing didn't do it, but jiu jitsu, barefoot, requires your feet to get stronger

massage your feet - use a size C or D battery, use a golf ball, roll them out once a day
take off your shoes for most of the day - if you have an office job, take your shoes off under your desk, wear them only when walking to and from meetings or from your cubicle. if you can't, fuck it, modify your job.

the upside?
you have potential to have very strong feet
kind of like a big person, who can put a lot on their frame, you have a lot you can carry

your feet are more comfortable for walking with

you have paddles for feet

you can grip better

who knows?

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