Efficiently spending money

In repairing the laptop (adding fans, disabling the touchscreen, replacing the battery, adding an SSD), I now have a fast laptop for doing personal work and research.

In adding a new graphics card ($100) and a new PSU ($75) to the desktop, I now have a gaming machine, and a fast desktop for video or photo editing I might need.

In getting a nice new monitor to replace the old one ($180), I have no desire to upgrade the monitor, it is state of the art for speed, but not resolution, which keeps the cost down. I realize that I already enjoy the resolution and the enjoyment comes in having a fast, snappy setup.

I spent $80 on a new monitor stand that allows height adjustment and has really cleared up the table space.

So I basically spent, instead of $1200 on a new laptop, less than $500, and have many more things now. More functionality, faster, better aesthetics, better functionality even.

That is kind of like how being efficient with spending money is.

By being efficient with spending money, you can get more life and lifestyle, for a factor less.

By extending this ability, I could achieve a very high quality of life, while maintaining a very low annual expenditure.

Increasing income, though, is something I believe is helpful.

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